support the possiblities

We can do more for peace by supporting initiatives that promise REAL RESULTS, based on hard evidence of what has worked in the past.

Peacemakers have demonstrated many times that wars can be stopped or prevented, but violence continues.

We can assist local leaders in their efforts to bring peace to their communities.



Many are skeptical about whether wars can be stopped. But they can! Dr. Elliot Short has summarized 180 cases in which armed conflicts have been stopped or prevented since 1990.

Encouraging stories

Locally Led Peacemaking

Getting the heads of conflicted groups together to find ways to end their fighting requires understanding the people, their motivations and their culture. Local people usually understand local situations better than foreigners can. Local leaders have been instrumental in stopping or preventing many violent conflicts.

the cost of conflict


With the limited resources available to the peacebuilding field, focusing our resources on activities that are cost-effective will go a long way to determining the results we achieve.

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